when Mike speaks, his goal is not just to entertain, inspire and educate, but also to remind the audience what they are capable of accomplishing.  

In addition to using the power of story and personal experience, mike will share lessons he has learned from some of the brightest minds in the fields of psychology, art, education, military leadership, business, professional sports, and more.

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Signature presentation: master the key

Do you ever wonder what the world would look like if everyone were engaged and acting on purpose? It certainly would look a lot different than the world we currently live in where 85 percent of us are actively disengaged at work (and at home).

if you have been part of an organization at any level, you’ve seen leadership haphazardly try to address this problem with incentives and bonuses. It might work for a hot minute but then that ugly word called disengagement begins to creep back into your mind and then your conversations…and around we go.

so what gives? Well, whether you like it or not organizational transformation begins and ends with personal transformation.

in this inspirational keynote, mike will remind attendees that they alone possess the key to freeing their potential and will teach them how to master the key so they can find meaning and live life on purpose.

  • how to master their story
  • How to rediscover and repurpose their giftedness
  • how to determine when to take action
  • how to create (or become part of) a thriving community

This presentation will increase self-awareness, self-leadership, team leadership, personal resiliency, and collaboration. 


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